The Chausey Island

Ten miles off the Pointe du Roc, Chausey has always been in Granville's orbit as its island dsitrict...

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Since it was separated from the continent several thousand years ago, the archipelagohas lived according to the tides' pace. They are the highest in Europe along with Granville; the difference between high water and low water nears 15 meters at spring tides.

This very pure watr, is constantly stirred by the strong currents explains the presence of the "Bouquet" and lobster, conger and bass, pollack and striped mullet.

The heights of the tides and many islands, channels, "plains" of sand or silt, abrupt reliefs and cutout shoreline make the archipelago a place where the landscape changes entirely within an hour. The variation in intensity and transparency of the light is remarkable.

The SCI (real investment trust) des Iles Chausey, owner of the islands and most of Grande Ile, opens nearly all its property to the public.

With the growing numbers of visitors, the site's vulnerability has been increased. That is why the trust is pursuing its policy of improving the protection of the site in agreement with the Délégation Régional du Conservatoire de l'Espace et des Rivages Lacustres (Regional Delegation of the Conservatory of Space and Lacustrine Shore) and the city of Granville.

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